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Tabla Classes

Tabla Classes in Pune History of Tabla Before going into tabla classes in pune, we will look the history of tabla. Tabla is considered as main instrument in Indian classical music. It’s a world renowned instrument. It was invented almost 300 years back.  The founder of this instrument was Ustad Siddharth Khan (Dhari) from Dhari

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Online tabla djembe cajon classes


We help you buying any musical instruments Riyaaz Academy of Percussions can help you in buying various musical instruments with best price and good quality, you can call us if you are looking for following instruments Tabla Dholki / Dholak Pakhwaj Djembe Cajon Western Drums Dholak Guitar Sitar Flute Taanpura Synthesizer Harmonium Guitar Musical Instruments

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dholki vadan classes near me in pune

Dholki Classes

Dholki (Dholak) Classes in Pune (Dholki Vadan) Riyaaz Academy Of Percussion conducts Dholki Classes in Pune (Dholki Vadan) The Dholki (Marathi: ढोलकी) is a south asian two-headed hand-drum. It is also known as Nal. It screw-turnbuckle tensioning on both sides. Dholki is longer than Dholak and having lesser diameter. The Dholki is mainly a folk instrument,

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online music tutor

Online Tutors

Riyaaz Provides Online Tutors Apart from teaching various musical instruments, Riyaaz Academy Of Percussion also provides online tutors for following musical instruments Online Tutor for vocals We provide Online Tutor for vocals, Online Tutor for Classical Vocals, Online Tutor for Light Vocals Online Tutor for Harmonium We provide Online Tutor for Harmonium Online Tutor for

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