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Cajon Classes

Cajon Classes in Pune

Before we check on Cajon Classes in Pune, we will see the history of the Cajon musical instrument. The word c a j o n comes from the Spanish language as a box for drawer it was a popular instrument on streets this instrument was used in many traditions including Spanish colonies America Caribbean Nation etc.

The size of this instrument was different in each culture, due to its different size the sound and tonal quality also changed. In the country, Cuba this instrument was used and developed and is said to be invented in the late 18th century but now it’s a modern percussion instrument that is widely used all around the world.

This is the best instrument for tour companies as any form of music in India. This instrument is played as a solo and also for the number of songs it is also used in many concerts and shows that’s why this instrument is getting popular in India.

cajon classes in pune

Structure of Cajon

In olden days this instrument was made up of only wood but in present days lot of innovation and research is done for the structure of the instrument.

Every year almost new version is invented as pocket Cajon, Bongo c a j o n c a j o n electronic c a j o n. Now a days they are not just made up from plywood but it also includes fiberglass and Acrylic material to enhance is tonal quality. Inside this instrument brushes are placed to produce sound like snear drum.

Cajon Classes Teaching Techniques in our Academy

In our Academy, we teach Cajon from beginner level to advanced level.  our Academy is a unique Institute that we have done a lot of research on the western instruments,  we also have tried to convert Indian tabla traditional language into Cajon instrument.  

As tabla has vast language which can be converted into Western percussion due to which these instruments can be included in Indian classical music. For example, tabla bol as Takadhumakita can be played in Cajon as takatakadimi. On tabla lot of language, forms are played as peshkar Kayda Rela Tukda which can be played on the western instruments.

The owner of this Academy Pranav Joshi is a disciple of taalyogi Pandit Suresh Talwalkar his Guru has done a lot of research on a western instrument so Pranav Joshi has acquired knowledge from his Guru he is trying to pass this knowledge to his students. 

Our Institute has a specialty to train students for Solo performances and also accompanying any music for me we also promote students to perform in various concerts and programs.

Western musical instruments are trying to accommodate its place in Indian music whereas any instrument(vadya) does not get popular because of its tonal quality but because of its own language – yes every musical instrument has its own language and so it gets its place and respect in Indian Music. Instruments language is most important than its tonal quality

More about Cajon

A cajón is nominally a box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru, played by slapping the front or rear faces (generally thin plywood) with the hands, fingers, or sometimes various implements such as brushes, mallets, or sticks.

The modern cajón is often used to accompany a solo acoustic guitar or piano. The cajón is becoming rapidly popular in blues, pop, rock, funk, world music, jazz, etc. Cajón is often used by bands instead of a full drum kit when performing in minimalist settings.

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