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Dholki Classes

Dholki (Dholak) Classes in Pune (Dholki Vadan)

Riyaaz Academy Of Percussion conducts Dholki Classes in Pune (Dholki Vadan) The Dholki (Marathi: ढोलकी) is a south asian two-headed hand-drum. It is also known as Nal. It screw-turnbuckle tensioning on both sides.

Dholki is longer than Dholak and having lesser diameter. The Dholki is mainly a folk instrument, lacking the exact tuning and playing techniques of the tabla or the pakhawaj.

The drum is pitched, depending on size, with an interval of perhaps a perfect fourth or perfect fifth between the two heads. This is the instrument used for high pitch music.

Dholak Classes Online

Playing Style of Dholki

The drum is either played on the player’s lap or, while standing, slung from the shoulder or waist or pressed down with one knee while sitting on the floor. Dholki masters are often adept at singing or chanting and may provide a primary entertainment or lead drumming for a dance troupe. 

Perhaps the most characteristic rhythm played on the dhol is a quick double-dotted figure that may be counted in rhythmic solfege as “ONE -tah and -tah TWO -tah and -tah THREE-E -TAH, FOUR AND” (rest on “and”) or simply a long string of double-dotted notes, over which the bass side is used for improvisation. At the beginning of lavani a piece of Dholki is played for a few minutes.

Uses of Dholki - Join dholki classes in Pune now

It is widely used in Lavani and Marathi film music. Like the dholak, this drum is also used more in the folk, filmi, bhajan, keertan setting. It is mostly used in India. Dholki is used in all sorts on musical programs.

Mr Pranav Joshi, who is the owner of Riyaaz Academy Of Percussions in Pune India, teaches Dholki both online and at the academy also you can get in touch with him for any of your query.

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