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Drum Classes

Drum Classes in Pune

Drum Classes in Pune is located on Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune at Riyaaz Academy of Percussion. We conduct drum classes for beginners so that they can learn playing western Beats on Drums musical instrument.

In case you’re a music devotee, searching for the perfect place or classes to take Drum classes then, Riyaaz is the ideal classes for you.

Drum Classes
Drum Classes

Pro Drum Classes Level 1 at Riyaaz Academy of Percussions is designed to help beginning drummers get to the next level. Music Theory and Ear Training. Drum Technique. Ensemble. History and Context of Global Commercial Music. 

Rock away to the beats that you learn to drum to in this drums class. If you love to rock n roll, then this drums class is perfect for you.

The Drums class lessons for learning to play classical Western music instrument Drums are the short term and full term education music learning programs for all the students to learn Drums music.

The western Drums classes are conducted by Pranav sir himself.

History of Western Drums

From ancient times different types of drums are played all around the world. The size & tone of the drum deferred from culture to culture. Some drums were played by hand itself and some well played by using sticks in olden days drums were used only for marching beats for soldiers.

They will also use to communicate from village to village. the first snare drum was invented in medieval Europe. In modern times the Western drum is very popular all around the world it is used in all concerts and shows. the modern drum set with using sticks begins in the early 90.

drum classes
drum classes

Structure and Design of Drum Set

Full size drum set includes a Snare hi hat  Bass drum ton1 .2  dish tone etc.  It is a acoustic instrument the size of drum difference as per is requirement tonal quality this instrument is played with two sticks sometimes wire brushes are also used to produce soft sound the hi hat and base  drum is played with  legs

For snare drums brushes are placed for producing sharp sound.  Nowadays electronic drums are also used. The first electronic drum set known as Octopad was invented in 1997 and 1998 period electronic drums are widely used all around the world.

drum classes in pune
drum classes in pune

Drum Classes in Pune and Teaching techniques of Western Drum in our Academy

We teach Western Drum from basic to advanced level. For basic level, we teach hand and leg coordination techniques single note rhythms, rols pattern etc and for advanced level we teach students some compositions, train them for accompany any music form.

As Indian rhythmic language is vast and rich, we try to convert Indian language into Western percussion if we play Indian language on western drum the instrument gets its place & respect in Indian music.

For any percussion instrument its language is very important than its tonal quality, as Mr Pranav Joshi has acquired knowledge from his guru taalyogi Pandit Suresh Talwalkar he wants to share same knowledge to his students so that western percussion instruments can be established in Indian classical music & also receive respect for these instruments.